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Nancy Hart – One Tough Mama – Video

Hey, Mom! It's Uncle Rick. Do your kids know the amazing true story of Revolutionary heroine Nancy Hart? This tough colonial woman protected her children from five marauding Tories-and captured them single-handedly! Enjoy this short video from Uncle Rick with your...

Eric Liddell – Flying Scotchman

He was known as "The Flying Scotchman." His name was Eric Liddell and he became world famous in the 1924 Olympics. Many years later, a movie was made telling the story of that great event and the times leading up to it. Liddell's name traveled around the world-partly...

Who’s THAT with Uncle Rick?

Howdy! Have you ever wondered what Uncle Rick does when he's not recording great books for his little buddies? Here's an amazing behind-the-scenes peek into life down on the farm--and introducing some unexpected "guest stars."

My Word is My Honor – Character and History Lesson

The Continental Congress that represented American citizens during the War of Independence was one of the most remarkable aggregations of men in history. They came from all over the colonies and from many different backgrounds. Nearly all of them were...

Who was John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg?

Hey Little Buddies! Who was John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg? John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was a Lutheran pastor when the Revolutionary War began. He had much earlier made up his mind that if war came, he would throw in his lot with the Americans over the British. On...

Get to Work! A Bible Lesson with Uncle Rick

Ephesians 2:8-9 " For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast." These were two of the first verses I memorized as a young Christian. I was eager to share my...

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"These radio dramas have challenged my boys so much. These stories are lives of real men and women who have lead lives that inspire them to be men of character. I was not aware of what a strong impact these people would have on my boys, but their play and their conversation have been challenged to imitate these individuals who do hard things."

“My children love the stories! They make history so interesting. (My son says it is because of the details that most textbooks don’t include.) Uncle Rick is easy to listen to; we love his accents and explanations."

“Our entire family has been blessed by the Uncle Rick Audios. Especially loved are the readings from the Bible. Our children can get extra time and meditation in The Word as they drift off to sleep at night. Listening helps to calm their hearts and minds as they settle down for bed. They are also very useful for long car rides."

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