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Hey, little buddies!

Welcome to my audio book club!

This is THE PLACE to find great audio books and storytelling. Here are the great old books, the books I wish I had read when I was a boy. Read on to discover this excellent opportunity!

The Uncle Rick Audio Club delivers:

● KID-SAFE literature with Uncle Rick’s “Character Comments” throughout

● Learn the exciting truth about our nation’s Providential history how America was founded by God-fearing people and why we have such a wonderful heritage of freedom and justice

● Re-live the great adventures of pilgrims, patriots, soldiers, pony express riders, mountain men, pioneers and statesmen

● Listen to Scripture and learn to APPLY it in your life

● Download an official membership certificate for each of your children

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"There is beauty and magic in a well-told story. Fiction writers have the luxury of crafting whatever they need into a tale, but what about real-life stories?" Read more of this review!

From Massachusetts -

“We are writing to tell you how much we enjoyed your book on CD, The Runt. The whole family loved it!”

From Emmett in NH-

“Dear Uncle Rick, Thank you for reading the Bible to us. I asked God to give me wisdom. I like your CDs.”

From Stephanie -

“We just got our first “Uncle Rick” story and we are hooked! Thanks for making history fun!”


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“We love Uncle Rick! My three youngest children listen to Uncle Rick Reads the Proverbs each night while falling to sleep. My daughter was recently tempted and remembered what Uncle Rick Read. It helped her keep from following through on the sin!” -Michelle
“I really like the CDs you sent us. Thank you for the George Washington CD.  My favorite book of the Bible that you read is Matthew. I learned a lot about Jesus from your CDs. I am 9 years old.” -Kate.


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